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Of ancient Nyasaland's Chameleon (Nazikambe) colours and 7 universe spritis (mizimu)

Mt Mulanje chameleon photo for a different issue taken from

SAPITWA ORACLE – Chipako (tag): Sun (dzuwa) chasing darkness (mdima) into pit (dzenje) and not the moon (mwezi) of love ….- Pita Chinsinsi  
Again this blog is translating and not endorsing an oral Sapitwa word for word into English as the original was said in Chichewa with Pita from –pita meaning to go and chinsinsi a secret hence the code name for the ancient hidden one nicknamed njira (way, path).

With bright white hair a handsome figure dressed all in white with slanted eyes appears in the blue sky behind a rainbow before a non-entity woman of Malawi as she stares at wonder at the sight wondering if she’s dreaming or imagining things.
His presence is out of this world.
You see the sight before her keeps changing colours like a chameleon (nazikambe) and appearances so it’s hard for her to tell his real age as he can appear elderly or youthful at once.
When he speaks his words echo with loudness as if singing and speaking directly to her soul or heart and she remembers the voice as the one behind her back during a dream when he loving braided her hair (kumanga) which also means to build.
The dream was bizarre because in Malawi it’s unusual to have an ancient spirit show so much love for a mere mortal being, worse still a woman ridiculed by society.

Uta wa Leza
Took this photo of a rainbow (uta wa Leza) and colours in the sky using my cellphone on a sunny day but I’m not saying Pita is over the rainbow as he’s a myth

Long gone are the days of the ancestors and the teachings of most ancient priesthoods (nsembe) were erased for unknown reasons and labelled evil because asing’anga as in black traditional healers in general are despised by the majority in towns and used by some in villages where the genuine ones are said to live unlike some quacks in cities they say.
It is because of this that the mythical spirit world has no time for those who despise anything to do with ancient black history.
In yet another vision or dream, the same Pita male spirit stands behind the sun his eyes staring below with a red rock of fire in his right hand as he held lightly but not yet letting it go –pita hence Pita (to go) but not Ptah pronounced Pitah of ancient Egypt as this blog has come under attack and misunderstood as trying to claim ancient Egypt when that was not the intention but only noticing similarities.

Rock of fire online comet photo

Sapita it means don’t go just like sapitidwa as in a place where mere mortal beings don’t go.
One oral story talks of the sun chasing the darkness into a pit and once it gets close global temperatures rising but in a primitive way.
This Abatwa spirit with slanted eyes also bounces several yellow balls as if to show gravity and online science sources show that “gravity does affect the way balls bounce. Gravity pulls the ball toward the ground, slowing the ball down so that each bounce is shorter and shorter, until eventually the ball stops bouncing.
The force of the ball hitting the hard ground puts an equal force back onto the ball, causing it to bounce up.
“This happens because balls are made out of an elastic material like rubber, which means they can be dented or stretched and then return to their normal shape (think of what happens when you squeeze a balloon). If the ball was made of something softer like silly putty, it would just be squashed on the ground and wouldn’t bounce. If the ball was made of something harder like glass, it would hit the ground and break,” further reads 
Chochepa chimakulitsidwa ndi kuima pamwamba anthu apansi azafuula ngati mphambe mpolowoni which means SO ABOVE AS BELOW in a code name for the world of mizimu (spirits).

Bouncing ball strobe not related to this blog taken from the unofficial Wikipedia

Opposites attract hence (+) and (-) in the ancient spirit (mizimu) world to create Light
Hence there were 14 mythical spirits of ancient Malawi with 7 above as in the Universe led by Munsandipeze ndine njira (don’t find me I’m the way) hence Pita and not Pitala (Peter) and 7 below as on Earth led by his spirit twin brother Tomasi Bona (Atom, feast).
In ancient Malawi Myths and Tales, the Universe existed in twos hence beliefs that every person has an unknown twin who is not biological.  This is also the main teaching of pigeons (nkhunda) which come in twos so go the oral stories. rameron-pigeon-nyika-6-oct-08-9.jpg
SO ABOVE as in AIR (MPWEYA) and WIND (MPHEPO) is led by the Hidden One who is the way and path with that sentence having the ancient hidden SECRET(Chinsinsi) name used in rituals, festivals and the Afterlife.
This name for centuries has been connected to the HARVEST and the AFTERLIFE using a mythical path through water to get to the astral realm of some hills and mountains.
 That path was however different from the one leading to the Universe which was believed to only have mizimu (spirits) and their Creator locally known as Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe (God) who gave the breath of life hence kupuma and air (mpweya).
And these spirits were given names by some ancestors of this land:
  1.  Mikolo Njinjinji (African Sacred Ibis)
  2. Kabadula Malawi known as Kaba
  3. Saka (the Hunter)
  4. Samba Manja (wash your hands) of the North
  5. Kalipo (said when there’s food to be eaten which is provided by spirits)
  6. Tandipeza (find me)
  7. Munjira (in the path)
However this blog is not saying the vision was Chauta, Namalenga, Mphambe whom some ancient priesthoods considered to be Air and the Breath of life hence Moyo and Kupuma.
SO BELOW as in EARTH and WATER was led by Tomasi Bona (Atom, feast) with the mythical 7 mizimu (spirits) of ancient Malawi and the mythical 4 winds of Sapitwa (mphepo zinayi) and Mount Mulanje among others which were a positive charge (+).
The first 4 positive charges (+) were:
  1. Tomasi Bona (atom, world in his hands, feast) of the North Wind
  2. Tagoneka Mbona (we’ve put to sleep Mbona, see) of the West Wind
  3. Chandiona Goneka (it’s seen me put to sleep) of the South Wind
  4. Nthanda mwana wa mwezi, Nandi (Sirius, child of the moon)
And the 3 negative charges (-) pulling with the 4 to make light were:
  1. Chinsinsi Sungamwana (Secret, keep the child)
  2. Dziwe Ntambamwana (magic pool)
  3. Ife Zonse ( all of us)
If one looks carefully that means two triangles hence As ABOVE SO BELOW to form a unique star….meaning the spirits (mizimu) of the air and those of the water (madzi) etc.

You Tube Kinematics photo

Another phrase used by ancient healers was SESANA MADZUWA which means RESURRECTION as in rising from the dead.
They use the code DZUWA LAOMBA as in KUTULUKA (COMES OUT) and LIWOMBO is the part of the head which “breathes” in a baby. KUOMBA M’MANJA means to CLAP HANDS in Chichewa/Chinyanja. When some priestesses say Sesana madzuwa that means your eyes are open and you have enlightenment hence no darkness.
Then there is BONA and MBONA with -ona meaning TO SEE and CHOONADI meaning the TRUTH hence akunena zoona as in he or she speaks the Truth… When enlightened the RIGHT EYE PROTRUDES and sticks out as in SHINING (KUWALA) more than the left one representing DARKNESS (MDIMA).

Sun and moon
You Tue tale about the sun, moon and stars

The RIGHT EYE (KUMANJA) and MANJA is hands sticks out like this “Osiris” statue unlike the LEFT EYE (KUMANZERE). Mbona Ostiriza (the last Seer) as in MBONA from -ONA to see and TOMASI BONA also with -ONA as to see has a right protruding eye like a SNAKE (Njoka) and not a left protruding one like a GOAT (Mbuzi).
They call that MASOMPHENYA (VISION) and being able to see what is hidden in the DARK like an OWL (KADZIDZI), the night-bird so the NGANGA as in asing’anga African doctors and healers can also see the MIZIMU (SPIRITS) who are hidden and also the MIZIMU YAMAKOLO (ANCESTRAL SPIRITS).
Sapitwa is SApitwa and SapiTWA which is also Sapita which means “don’t go there” in Chichewa/Chinyanja……in other words where no man goes. Sapita is from -pita and in KUPITA which means to go.  However there are others words that need to be broken down including KEPETA or KHEPETA, or KE PE TA or KHEPERA as told by Sapitwa healers in reference to Cape Town with Table Mountain among other things.

Dziwe pool
Sacred Dziwe la Nkhalamba (pool for the elderly) where offerings were made and rituals done in ancient times

Took this picture of children in Milange, Mozambique admiring visiting Malawian children

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